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With standard widths of 2, 3 and 4 meters, vinyl flooring is made up of four distinct layers. This type of tile effect flooring is easy to install, clean and maintain thanks to its special components. The way in which the vinyl floor covering is installed depends on the last layer. The upper layer is a protective top coat which makes this type of flooring very easy to clean. It is used very often in the bathroom and kitchen.

The following layer is made out of clear vinyl which has a protective role as it adds durability and makes this cheap product resistant to scratches. The next layer is the printed design which is responsible for the final design and pattern of the floors. The final layer of this type of covering is the most important as it determines the way in which the flooring is installed. The felt layer adheres better to the floor and glue is used on installation whilst the fiberglass layer makes the flooring more stable and glue is not required on installation.

Below is an example of how a vinyl floorcovering is contructed:

Vinyl Layers